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Ceramic Tiles or Hardwood for Your Office Floors?

There is no doubt that Canada is notorious for its extreme weather. Typically, when we hide from blistering summer days, or from freezing winter days, we stay inside our comfortable homes and offices that are adjusted to a comfortable temperature. But in addition to our adjusting our thermostats, it’s important to also have superior flooring. When it comes to your office, proper flooring will not only improve your office's appearance, it will also decrease potential weather related safety hazards ─ such as cracked or slippery floors. Choosing your flooring must be done with precautions, as both appearances and durability matter. From our experience at JBG Flooring, we believe that ceramic and hardwood tiles are the two best options for office space. This article will highlight and compare the two products to help you decide on the flooring options that are best suited to your office needs.

Ceramic tiles are made from a clay that has irreversibly hardened by heat in a kiln. They are generally decorative, finished with a durable glaze, and available in various patterns and colours. Ceramic tiles have high durability and easy maintenance for long-term application. Glazed ceramic tiles are also water resistant due to its protective layer. Furthermore, ceramic flooring does not attract allergens such as microbes, dirt, dusts, and pollens; this is a major advantage for your office space as this will allow you to provide an allergen free floor environment for your employees. To protect its appearances, ceramic tiles are also made to be crack and scratch resistant ─ high pressure from high heels cannot harm them. Lastly, the cost of ceramic floors is typically lower than that of hardwood floors ─ although it is typically higher than carpets.

In comparison, hardwood flooring is classified as any floor type that is made of hardwood; it is usually denser than any other wood floorings. Similar to ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring is also allergen-free, easy to clean and maintain. The best advantage from hardwood floor is its natural appearance that adds beauty and characters to the space. In fact, it is known to last for a lifetime and its appearances only improve with age. As a great heat conductor, hardwood flooring also retains more heat than other types of tiles ─ a great feature that could reduce your office's heating bill. Hardwood floor is also more environmentally friendly than other types of flooring since it could be recycled and is a carbon neutral product.

Both ceramic tiles and hardwood floor are great for office spaces due to their durability, easy maintenance, and allergen free properties. Nevertheless, hardwood floor can have a more refined look that could convey a more high-end looks to your office. Meanwhile, ceramic tiles could provide a more hip and glossy look to your space. Although both flooring options are low maintenance, hardwood floor may require extra care as it will need to be waxed every 3 to 4 years to keep its shine. Due to its hollowness, certain types of shoes such as heels could also create a lot of noise across certain types of hardwood floor. On the other hand, while both flooring options could crack, it would be much harder to find the replacements and cover cracks on a ceramic tile.

Both ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring can be great options for your office. If you are unsure about which choice is right for you, it is always best to ask a flooring professional. Based on our flooring expertise, we are always able to help our customers choose their best flooring options for their needs. Contact us at 1 (877) 393 6233 or email us at for a free estimate and general consultation ─ we are here for you!

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