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Things to Know Before Starting a Shower Tile Installation

Your shower should be a space that feels inviting and comfortable. It may be one of the first things you see in the morning, or one of the last things you see at night before you sleep. When you give your shower a makeover, you make those key parts of your day even better. One of the best ways to enhance your shower is to install new tiles. New tiles can bring a completely new look to your shower, and help your bathroom feel fresh and beautiful. Before you move forward with your tile installation project, here’s what you need to know: Moschino Outlet

A Small Leak Can Sink a Great Ship

Don’t underestimate the importance of working with a professional tile installation company and selecting waterproof materials, such as glazed porcelain or ceramic. The last thing you want is leakage issues that can become a costly expense to fix. Certain materials are less waterproof, but can sometimes be used if you’re working with a professional tile installation company. The tiles would need to be properly sealed during the tile installation process, before grouting is applied.

Get Creative

Attractive shower tiling is an easy and quick way to increase your home’s value. Plus, when you’re on a budget, new tiles in your shower can produce a “wow factor” for your bathroom at a fairly low price. Use your tile installation as an opportunity to play with new décor ideas to elevate the overall feel of the room. Your choice of colours, patterns, textures or varying tile shapes all work towards updating the overall décor of your bathroom. New tile installation can also make your shower a statement piece that stands out in your bathroom as a destination for relaxation and comfort. For a sleek and modern look, choose cooler colour tones and glossier tile materials. For a luxurious look, play with a couple different textures and neutral colour tones. For a playful look, use bright colours or combinations like black and white to create a unique space.

Size Matters

Before you choose your tile size, consider the overall size of your shower. Most showers are small places, so consider using small or medium-sized tiles to make the space feel larger. Smaller tiles can also help achieve extra slip resistance, since they have more grout lines to help avoid slips when the tiles are wet. That said, larger tiles can bring elements of luxury and simplicity to your shower and make it feel like a more relaxing space.

For the Family

If your shower will also be used by others in your family, consult with them to find out their tile preferences. Although you may love a certain colour, ensure that the other people in your home that will also be using the shower agree with your decision. Replica Watches

Your new shower tile installation can bring joy to the simple moments you have in your day. Always remember that it’s best to work with a professional company like JBG Flooring to ensure you get the best results. Our tile installation experts ensure that your shower will not only look great, but also be fully waterproofed to avoid any leakage issues. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote for tile installation at 1 (877)-393-6233.

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